Neary Cup

Neary Cup-   Season

Two man teams / Full Handicap / Match play / Single elimination

Full members

Tees / Green Front / Yellow Back

Neary Cup Sweet 16 Played by 8/10

Elite 8 Played by 9/9


-Sign up and pay in the pro shop

-$20.00 per team entry fee payable when you sign up.

-All players must be available to play on weekends.

-A team may be represented by one of its members for all or part of a match including the qualifying round.

-Dates may be altered due to tournament schedule or inclement weather but not for player’s convenience or inconvenience.


Qualifying round to be played on or before TBD. The qualifying round must be declared and entry fee paid before teeing off.  Maximum of 16 teams will qualify. Best ball net. Qualifying scores to be turned in to the pro shop on completion of the round. One attempt only.


Round of 16 teams (1st rd) to be played TBD

Default tee time is TBD at 9:00 am.


-The default tee time designed for those matches that have been unable to set up a tee time for whatever reason. Any match not played on time will be defaulted.  If one team is ready to play at the default tee time and the other is not than the team not ready is defaulted. No exceptions to the default rules.


Post results upon completion of the match.

 Dates May be Changed due to Covid19 Delay

Final Round to be played by November 2nd.