Tournament Committee

D. J. DuCharme – Chairman
Committee Members:

Dave Mungovan – Handicap Chairman

Rick Gillis- City Tournament Representative

Chris Finneral

Jamie McCabe

Mark Duffy

Gus Chapman

Jamie Desmaris

Jay Frediani

Jason Howarth

John Kuczek

Phil Regan

Scott Ouellet

Andrew McCabe

The Tournament Committee shall consist of not less than five Voting Members, one of whom shall be known as the Handicap Chairman. The Handicap Chairman shall be responsible for the management of the handicap system in accordance with the Massachusetts Golf Association. The Tournament Committee shall be responsible for recommending to the Board of Directors those items related to: (1) all golf tournaments and score cards; and (2) the supervision of the Club Professional and such other employees as may be necessary. The Tournament Committee shall keep records of all competitions and shall not approve or make any expenditures or encumbrances that are not set forth in the related fiscal years’ budget without the approval of the Board of Directors.