House Committee

House Chairman – Diane

Committee Members:

John Johnson

Dennis Moriarty

Chris Finneral

Mike Bowser

Chris Green

Diane McLeod

Pam Moriarty

Barbara Crampton

Deb Shannahan

Amy Green




The House Committee shall consist of not less than five Voting Members. It shall
be responsible for recommending to the Board of Directors those items related
to: (1) the full care, control and management of the club house; (2) the
enforcement of all necessary rules and regulations concerning the club house;
(3) the entertainment and other social functions held in or about the premises of
the club; and (4) the establishment and enforcement of all necessary rules and
regulations relating to entertainment and social functions. The House Committee
shall not approve or make any expenditures or encumbrances that are not set
forth in the related fiscal years’ budget without the approval of the Board of