2024 Golf Season

Dues Letter 2024

This letter is to help explain the accompanying invoice for the 2024 annual dues at Mt. Pleasant Golf Club. While the club was able to yet again report strong revenue for 2023, expenses continue to increase significantly. The club experienced significant closures due to weather, and has been forced to incur additional costs to bring the course back into form.  

After meeting with the Finance Review Committee and the Board of Directors, a decision was made to increase the dues at all membership levels. The increase varies between 5-7% depending on the membership category, with the exception of social dues which will be increasing by $25 (12.5%). There will be no increase to the F&B cards this year.  

With dues being invoiced in November of 2023, the Board will be following the payment schedule that is outlined in the by-laws with no amendments. Dues are payable in 1/3 installments, with the first payment  due by January 15th, 2024, second payment due by March 1st, 2024 and final payment due by April 15th, 2024. A late fee of $100 will be assessed for any missed payment.  Payments being collected in this fashion greatly help the club’s cash flow in the winter months. Payments being made by credit card are allowed at no additional cost. 

If there are any specific questions or concerns, please contact me directly at or 978-758-2639. 

I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming annual meeting where we will share the full results of the 2023 fiscal year and discuss goals for 2024. 


Sean Moriarty, Treasurer


Dues Matrix 2024


A change in the MGA Handicap GHIN Fee.  The fee increased to $35.00

*It is critical that all members supply the Club Secretary with a valid Email Address as soon as possible.  For those members that have already joined the Club’s email list, you do not have to provide us with a primary email address. However, the system can accept up to 4 Email addresses per member, so spouses or Florida email addresses can be entered into your member account as well.  *The Club moved to Electronic Bills in 2014.  By implementing this initiative, the Club will save around $2,500 a year in Printing and Postage costs. It is imperative that the Club have a valid Email on file or you will not get your bill in 2024. It is the member’s responsibility to provide the Club with an Email address to receive their bills.  

 Should you have any questions, please speak to a member of the Board.  This will allow you to get accurate answers to your questions and allow you the opportunity to bring concerns you may have to the Board’s attention.

We hope all of our members have a Happy and Healthy 2024 as we look forward to a great golf season!



The 2024 Mt Pleasant Golf Club Board of Directors