2023 Golf Season

*Members will be able to use the Food & Beverage Credit to pay for greens fees and carts in addition to the snack bar and bar – No White Cards will be issued this year **

All charges are due in 1/3 installments on January 15, 2023, March 1, 2023, and April 15, 2023

A $100.00 late payment fee will be added to your account for each payment not made on time.  Please note the Club no longer accepts American Express, only Visa, MasterCard & Discover Card.

As in the past, there is a VOLUNTARY contribution of $60.00 to the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund included on your bill.  Over the years Mt Pleasant Golf Club has been very supportive of the Ouimet Fund and many children of our membership have received much needed funds that enabled them to attend and graduate from college. Again, this is VOLUNTARY.  If you do not wish to contribute, simply deduct the $60.00 from your total bill and pay that amount.  We will credit your account the $60.00. 


A change in the MGA Handicap GHIN Fee.  The fee increased to $35.00 in 2022



A change in the MGA Handicap GHIN Fee.  The fee increased to $35.00

*It is critical that all members supply the Club Secretary with a valid Email Address as soon as possible.  For those members that have already joined the Club’s email list, you do not have to provide us with a primary email address. However, the system can accept up to 4 Email addresses per member, so spouses or Florida email addresses can be entered into your member account as well.  *The Club moved to Electronic Bills in 2014.  By implementing this initiative, the Club will save around $2,500 a year in Printing and Postage costs. It is imperative that the Club have a valid Email on file or you will not get your bill in 2023. It is the member’s responsibility to provide the Club with an Email address to receive their bills.  

 Should you have any questions, please speak to a member of the Board.  This will allow you to get accurate answers to your questions and allow you the opportunity to bring concerns you may have to the Board’s attention.

We hope all of our members have a Happy and Healthy 2023 as we look forward to a great golf season!



The 2023 Mt Pleasant Golf Club Board of Directors