Communication Committee

Chairperson -Shaun McCarty-


Jason Howarth

Steve Finneral

Tom Lamond

Dan Emerson

Chris Green

Shaun McCarty Jr.

Mark Duffy

Sean Casey


 If you are interested in joining this team, please contact Shaun McCarty


The Communications Committee shall consist of not less than three Voting Members. It shall be responsible for recommending to the Board of Directors those items related to: (1 ) the oversight, control and maintenance of the website and email communications;  and (2) oversight and control of any current and future social media resources.  The Communications Committee shall work closely with the Board of Directors, Tournament and House committees and other such employees as necessary to ensure accurate and timely updates of Tournaments, Events, and News.   The Communications Committee shall not approve or make any expenditures or encumbrances that are not set forth in the related fiscal years’ budget without the approval of the Board of Directors.